More than beauty,
it's friendly!

Our mission is to empower women to express their true selves through fashion without limits.

Our 4 Core Values

Real Beauty

Confidently express your
unique personality


Skin color-friendly
Body shape-friendly


Versatile Garments
to wear all day and night


Embrace Limitlessness
Express Uniqueness

our story

At ALLOVIN, we believe that love is the ultimate force that drives us forward. Our brand name reflects this mission, as we strive to spread love in every form and remind you that LOVE IS ALL.


Our team of international moms, designers, and artists from New York, Shanghai, and Milan create dresses that offer a perfect blend of comfort and timeless elegance, suitable for day-to-night wear.

Heart of Allovin

At ALLOVIN, we invite every woman to confidently express their unique personality and redefine beauty, all while being environmentally responsible.

From Feeling Invisible to Unstoppable - A True Story


Meet Sarah - a single mom who spent most of her life caring for her three children and putting their needs ahead of her own. She never had the time or opportunity to focus on her appearance, and she struggled with finding clothes that complemented her body shape.

Sarah always felt invisible, that is, until she discovered ALLOVIN. She was drawn to our commitment to inclusivity, and after trying on our dresses, she finally felt like she was seen. The comfortable and flattering designs helped her gain the confidence to embrace her real beauty, and she started to see herself in a new light. Sarah took the leap to try new things, like taking up painting and taking solo trips, and she felt unstoppable in her ALLOVIN dresses.

Sarah's story is a testament to how a little self-love and care can go a long way. ALLOVIN empowers women like Sarah to embrace their true selves, break free from societal norms, and create their happily ever after. We invite you to join our community of empowered women and experience the power of ALLOVIN for yourself.



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