our story

Allovin, pronounced as /ɔːlʌvɪŋ/,means all love to kids and family. The blank of our logo heart means a space for self-growth of love. Not only a deep love from home, but learning to love ourself. The brand was founded by two moms of four lovely girls and boys. At the root of the company is a mom who loves design and art, and wanted more from the products they were using on her young children. The lovely brand has team members operating in New York, Paris, Milan, Shanghai, and Hangzhou, with team happily describing as the song "All About Lovin' You"."

made with love

We are an expertly-curated kid’s Occasion & Daily Wear Brand featuring the best products from around the globe: cute girls'dresses, adorable holiday costume and boys'sets, home gifts – plus, trusted guidance and inspiration. We partner with the best design team to bring you something new and unique. ALLOVIN's style, tailoring and fabrics are child-oriented, giving them free space to express themselves, explore and create.

made with love

We believe that the most vital beauty is not the past nor the future, but what is happening. With bright and clean colors as the keynote of the brand, it incorporates a relaxed imagination to express the beauty of "this moment".I hope to use simple silhouettes and pleasant colors to set off the self-confidence and relaxation of children in this era.

Heart of Allovin

"MAKE BEAUTY&QUALITY AFFORDABLE! "This is the heart of Allovin.Quite simply, Let more little girls blossom when they step into a Allovin garment and begin to daydream!" The reason why we have the courage to create such a brand is because we believe that beauty can only be meaningful when it illuminates more daily life.
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